Mark Varrasso

Director at Robus Group

Kevin Lai

Director at Bezalel Creative


Sanath Thearam

Director at Chendodu


Robus Group specialises in high-end architectural projects and are renowned for their innovative ideas in maximising the potential of living.


Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Organic Architecture’, which seeks to harmonize people and nature by integrating the building, the site, and its inhabitants into a unified whole. The Spice Apartments will stand tall with pride for many years to come. 

Chendodu is a boutique property developer who constantly strives to deliver a pleasure of living to their clients.


As an Architect, the director of Chendodu is a firm believer that quality must be created by paying attention to fine details and that trait can be seen through out The Spice Apartments.


Together with their Master Builder’s Award winning builders, The Spice Apartments are one of the most exciting development projects in the market. 

The team at Bezalel Creative sets out to accomplish more than simply designing the look and feel of spaces, they wanted to ensure that each and every person who walks into a Spice apartment feels like they’ve come home.


Bezalel Creative’s state-of-the-art 3D rendering, in addition to their prowess with both modern interior and exterior design elements, have created the pinnacle in boutique apartment design. 

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